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This is our thing..

Colour TV specialises in comedy entertainment for TV, online, social, periscope – you name it. Get the funny stuff out there and get it seen. Make people think. Make people laugh. That’s it.

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KSI Demolished for Comedy Central became Viacom's biggest ever digital show, with over 6 million views to date, and over 1 million in the first 24 hours.

YouTube superstars Jack and Dean made this, their first full series, for online network, Fullscreen. We brought our production expertise to the table, ensuring the series was such a success it got commissioned for a second season.

We helped the brilliant British standup, James Veitch, make this eight-part show for Fullscreen.

The Midnight Beast created this exclusive pilot for Vimeo Originals, in which a bunch of university students join a glee club with a deadly difference.

Meet the ghoulish cast of comedic characters who inhabit the devilishly deranged hair salon, Hair and Brimstone

Hot Mess is a sitcom penned by the brilliant Hazel Hayes – it features Maria and Caitlin, two friends struggling to get through a night out without murdering innocent fish.

We made this with Doc Brown for Comic Relief. It's called 'Bleeding Hearts'. You can still give money now - so please donate. Go on.

All 10 episodes are showing on There's something to offend everyone across the series. This episode is called Sex Tape.

Khyan Manley's dark comedy film The Ministry takes us into a grimly funny world.

A sad-happy short film we produced for Newform Digital, written and directed by Bertie Gilbert & Sammy Paul.

It's not easy having a Messiah Complex, espcecially when the real messiah works in your office.

Feeling Christmassy? You will be after this festive short from Jack & Dean.