Jack and Dean of All Trades

Jack and Dean of All Trades is the supremely-talented YouTube duo’s first foray into the world of serial show-making. That’s right this is the pair’s first ever comedy series. J&DOAT (please don’t make us type it out in full again!) was created for Fullscreen, the exclusive digital network that specialises in creating great content featuring some of YouTube’s biggest stars. It ran over six episodes and reached peak popularity when it trended at number five in the UK.

The premise of the show is simple. Jack and Dean are going to work for a temp agency which leads them into a number of different working environments, and – them being them – things don’t always run entirely smoothly. With a couple of big name cameos, plus a fantastic performance from Jessica Hynes, star of Spaced and Twenty Twelve, as the boy’s boss at the temp agency, it’s little wonder that people are already asking “What’s next?”

And our favourite line from the show? Well it has to be, “You look like a yeasty scarface…”

STOP PRESS Jack and Dean of All Trades has won Summer in the City 2016 Best Series Award.